April 20, 2015


Hi lovelies!

Saturday was my birthday, so I've been blowing off important things like laundry and instead devoting my time to delicious food and tiny bunnies.  I wish I could say that little guy was mine to keep, but I sent him back with his little bunny family living in my parents' garden.  Check out the eyebrow game on the little guy though... On.  Point.  Hope you have a lovely week!

From Wonderland with Love,

April 14, 2015


Fear in Wonderland // Spring FashionFear in Wonderland // Spring Fashion

Top: Tj Maxx
Shorts: Found
Shoes: Thrift

Hi lovelies!

I have been through so many color phases throughout time.  I've been timid of color for as long as I could pick out clothing... I'm a fairly shy person and anything but black always felt too loud.  A few years ago, I made a sweeping declaration that I would start to incorporate color into my rather dark closet, and I bought one bright piece of clothing that sits, rather unused, in a drawer.

Since then, I've come to realize that neutrals are more than black and white... even better, they comprise an entire palette of tones.  I love my closet in its current state.  It's full of different hues, but still satisfies my need to blend rather than stand out.

From Wonderland with Love,

April 1, 2015


Fear in Wonderland // CraftsFear in Wonderland // CraftsFear in Wonderland // CraftsFear in Wonderland // Crafts

Hi lovelies!

Have you gotten a Messy Box from A Beautiful Mess yet?  If not, go do it now.  Seriously, crafting supplies right to your front door is the best idea ever.  I know it's meant to put together photo books, but I've been using it for other crafts as well.  I made a cute little banner from some of the decorative squares and confetti, and a wall hanging out of the cards.  I found a heart-shaped hole punch and Michael's and kind of went wild.

I will get around to making a photo book with all this cute stuff, but for now I'm having a blast hanging adorable things on my still-surprisingly-vacant walls.  Ryan and I have almost lived in this house for a year, and we're still putting it together... so having this dropped on my doorstep was the perfect motivation to work a little harder.

From Wonderland with Love,

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