July 23, 2014


Every chef has their secret, and today I'm going to share my secret for the perfect jello shot.  I've offered them to enough to people to realize that everyone is making them wrong - which sucks because they have to potential to be the perfect delicious, designer drink.    When made well, they're extremely versatile in terms of flavors, and they're quite pretty as well.

I always use this recipe at Drink Street to ensure I'm using the proper chemistry for the jello.  If you use too much alcohol, you run the risk of jello shots that won't set.  Drink Street has a great chart to determine the amount of alcoholic to nonalcoholic liquid based on the proof of the alcohol you will be using.  For this recipe, I used 80 proof rum.

You will need:
  • Alcohol - I prefer to use light rum.  It doesn't change the flavor or color of the shots, and it's more pleasant than vodka.  Really you can buy the cheapest bottle off the shelf, because these jello shots will almost completely mask the flavor.
  • A 6 oz (or two 3 oz) box of Jello - For this tutorial, I used raspberry, but grab whatever flavor you like.  Jolly Rancher put out some jello flavors that are just fantastic.
  •  Soda or juice that will compliment the Jello - I used peach soda with the raspberry, which made for a sweet, fruity flavor.  You can also use juice, which usually creates a thicker texture.
  • Small plastic shot cups - You can find these at Liquor Barn for sure, and I would assume other liquor stores will have them as well.  If all else fails, go to a restaurant that serves salads and beg for a bunch of to go ramekins.  If you plan on transporting them, be sure to get some lids as well.
  • Cookie sheets - or any other pans in which you can fill with jello shots while they set in the refrigerator.
  • Measuring cups - I prefer to use Ball mason jars because they have measurements on the side AND they double as cups.  How perfect. 
  • Sauce pan
  • Ladle
Don't forget, this recipe is for 80 proof alcohol.  If you use a different proof, cross reference this recipe with the one from Drink Street to ensure your jello shots set up nicely.

You're going to need three separate measured out liquids - one for the boiling soda, one for the cold soda, and one for the cold alcohol.  Measure 6 oz of soda and 10 oz of alcohol and place them in the freezer to chill while you're preparing the boiling soda.

Measure 16 oz of soda and pour it into the sauce pan.  Place it on the stove over high heat and bring it to a boil.  While the soda is heating, place the shot cups on a cookie sheet or two.

When the soda is at a boil, remove it from the heat and add the box of jello.  Stir like crazy to dissolve the powder.  Then stir in the cold soda and the cold rum.  Use a ladle to fill the shot cups with about 1 oz of liquid.  Place the filled cups in the fridge if you have some time, or the freezer to chill them quickly.  Don't leave them in the freezer for too long though, frozen jello is pretty gross.

There you have it!  When they're set you will have some absolutely fantastic jello shots.

Mix up the flavors and leave me your favorite ones in the comments!  Here are a few to get you're mind going:

Peaches & Cream: Peach jello and cream soda
Baja Lime: Lime jello and Baja Blast
Watermelon: Watermelon jello and watermelon Kool Aid
Screwdriver: Orange jello and orange juice

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July 10, 2014


Hey guys!  Check out this awesome collection of links put together courtesy of Independent Fashion Bloggers.

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This week we have all kinds of links. From the very personal getting to feel comfortable in your own skin, to the runways of Paris and the runways Kendall Jenner is on. When is the best time to go shopping? What do you do with your old necklaces? Questions, questions, all those random things that go through our minds throughout the day... will be fit for musing with this week's roundup! Enjoy!

Links à la Mode: July 10th

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July 2, 2014


Let's face it: as fashion bloggers, personal style bloggers, and what have you, we are our own worst enemies. Remember that really horrible pickup line about working for the FBI? The one where the FBI is not quite the action packed team of crime solvers we're familiar with, but instead a pervy, hands-on Chester-the-Molester type. Female body inspector, that's the punch line. I know it seems like I'm getting off topic here, but “female body inspector” kind of perfectly describes the situation that we're put in as fashion bloggers.

We're constantly taking pictures of ourselves, right? And over time we notice the changes that our body goes through as we gain and lose weight, get pimples, dark circles darken, et cetera. Where does that leave us? Constantly criticizing every little thing that happens to our appearance – things that the average person who is not constantly taking self-portraits would even notice. Even though fashion blogging can be extremely empowering, it can also knock us down a few rungs in terms of self confidence... not from criticism at the hands of others, but at the hands of ourselves.

I think that's the important part to remember – we are the ones noticing these changes, not everyone else. Even religious followers won't notice that three pound difference. Yes, we look at pictures of ourselves all the time, but everyone always goes through changes. It's normal. Take a step back, have a sip of scotch, and embrace your beautiful self. Those changes make us who we are.

From Wonderland with Love,

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